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Mermaid Tail Safety


Haley Mermaid Highly Recommends Finfun for a beginner or budget friendly mermaid tail that is safe and high quality! click the banners to shop! Finfun is the cheapest you can possibly get a safe tail!


General Tail Safety Info

Mermaid Tails are only for strong swimmers and you should NEVER swim alone!

You MUST have a safe tail with a safe monofin. (list of safe vs. Unsafe Tails below)

You should learn proper technique with a safe monofin, then get a fabric tail, and then you can upgrade to a more realistic tail (ex. Silicone)


  * If you are a strong swimmer and you have a proper mermaid tail (see list), swimming with a mermaid tail is not a dangerous activity.

Are you Tail ready? & Other Safety Resources; 

How Can A Tail Be Unsafe?

Mermaid tails contain monofins. Monofins are sports equipment and without proper equipment you are not able to swim in a tail safely.


Monofins are NOT toys.

Below is a list of safe and unsafe tail brands and A list of safe monofins. Please use this as a guide when purchasing a tail.


How Can An Unsafe Tail Hurt You?

They break and send shards of plastic into your feet and legs. this can cause injuries that require stiches or even cause permanent damage.

They trap your feet and prevent you from escaping in case of emergency. This greatly increases your risk of drowning

They don’t work. Unsafe fins will not properly propel you in the water and this greatly decreasing swimming ability and increases risk of drowning

Unsafe fins can fill with air or water, holding you under and  greatly increasing your risk of drowning

Unsafe monofins can literally kill you, Tail safety is an extremely seriuos matter. ONLY purchase and/or use safe tails!

Safe vs. Unsafe Tails & Monofins

Good / Safe Tails (fabric tails)




*Finfun (

*Made By A Mermaid / Haley Mermaid ( p/MadeByAMer?ref=shop_sugg )

Mertailor ( )

Magictail ( )

Delfina ( )

Mermaid kat ( )

Planet mermaid ( )

Suntail ( )

Mermaid linden ( )

Finfolk fabric tails (I don’t recommend these as a first ever mermaid tail due to drag caused by the vinyl insert). ( )

Siren’s Calling (Painted Neprene tails) 


Les Nageoires d'Ondine France 

Good / Safe Monofin Brands



Finis Brand

Mermaid Linden fin by Body Glove

Mahina Merfin

Mertailor Fantasea Fins

Planet Mermaid


Bad/Unsafe Tails


Amazon (unless brand name listed in Yes column)

Ebay (unless brand name listed in Yes column)







Light in the box





Any tail with a monofin that isn’t on the safe monofin list

Good / Safe Tails (Silicone tails)

* Please note; Silicone tails are NOT recommended as first time tails.


Silicone tails must contain a safe monofin and be made from skin safe silicone in order to be safe. The skin safe silicone used by top tailmakers is called Dragonskin Silicone.


Bad / Unsafe Tails (Silicone tails)

 AVOID SILICONE CAULKINGS, these can be extremely toxic to you, others, and marine life. Even if the caulking doesn’t touch your skin directly, toxins from the caulk can leech out into the water with you and be absorbed through the skin. Caulk is not regulated or tested for skin use, it is made for bathroom sinks. Aquarium safe DOES NOT mean skin safe. Aquarium safe means in small amounts, it could be put on fish tanks and the fish won’t die.

Tails that contain monofins NOT on the list of Safe monofins (above) Should be AVOIDED

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