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Being Mermaid Tail Ready

Welcome to the first course here at Mer-Makers Academy! This course is free and easily completed quickly. 

Just watch the videos (each is only 3 min) and take the quiz.

This should be completed by anyone who wants to try swimming in a mermaid tail BEFORE they buy a tail or put a tail on. You need to pass this course before taking one on one lessons with Haley Mermaid.

In order to swim in a mermaid tail, you must be a strong swimmer with a proper tail. Tails are sports equipment and you must have proper equipment to swim safely.

This course will:

1.) Show skills you should be able to demonstrate as a swimmer in order to be ready for a mermaid tail

2.) Teach you how to tell the difference between a proper and safe tail and an improper and dangerous tail

At the end of this course you will be awarded a certificate showing others you are tail ready!


Watch the Video


Watch the Video


Watch the Video

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Watch the Video

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Take the Quiz

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